Duties of parents

  • Ensure that their child is aware of and understands the schools rules of behaviour. Encourage their child to adhere to the rules.
  • Regularly and systematically check on their child’s progress.
  • Supervision of and constructive help with homework tasks.
  • Encourage and support child to take part in school concerts, assemblies etc.
  • Pay school fees on time.
  • Active participation in the yearly AGM, during which important and fundamental decisions are made regarding the organisation and work of the school.
  • Inform school of any changes of address and phone numbers, particularly the emergency numbers needed to reach a parent during school hours.
  • Perform duty shift at school according to the agreed schedule
  • Help to prepare school events and shows

The presence of parents in the rooms used for teaching in the Polish Catholic Centre during lesson times makes it difficult for teachers to maintain class discipline and teach in a professional manner.

Every institution, which cares for children has a legal duty to carry a full register of children present on site during the hours that it cares for those children. This is necessary to enable an organised and safe evacuation of the building should the need arise. Parents are, therefore, requested to ensure that their children arrive punctually for lessons so that they can be entered on the list of pupils at the beginning of the school day. This way the exact number of pupils attending school on a given day can be quickly established.

In connection with this, any children who are not pupils of the school should not be in the building during school time.

The school would also like to stress, that although the Manager of the Polish Catholic Centre may be present in the building during school time, he has his own duties and is not, in any way, responsible for the care or supervision of the pupils of the school.

Teacher’s duties

Apart from helping a child acquire knowledge, a good teacher can influence a child through his/her own example of behaviour, carrying this through using encouragement, rather than threats and punishment. In this way he/she can awaken a child’s interest in a topic.

The work of teachers in Polish Saturday Schools has been and still is very much seen as work for the community. This in itself demands a certain level of commitment. To engage in this role, a teacher must be disciplined, punctual in keeping school hours, attend regularly on school days.

The following is expected of a teacher at Polish Saturday School:

  • Punctuality. The teacher must be present in class from the beginning to the end of lesson time. At the end of the school day, the teacher must ensure that every child is given directly in to the care of his/her parent or other authorised adult.
  • Supervision of pupils during breaks by the person who has been assigned break time supervisory duties on a given Saturday.
  • Conscientious preparation of lessons and materials needed for lessons and noting the topic of lessons in the appropriate part of the school register.
  • Correcting and marking homework.
  • Registration of pupils at the start of the day and reporting attendance to the Head Teacher, who has the legal duty to know how many pupils are in the care of the school up until they are given in to the care of their parents or guardians.
  • Active input in to programmes of school concerts, assemblies and similar.