Pupils’ duties

  • Respect for fellow pupils and teachers. Respect for shared and private property.
  • Punctual, regular attendance on each designated Saturday, with the exception of school holidays.
  • Conscientious and systematic completion of all homework tasks.
  • Take part in concerts, assemblies, school celebrations, presentation days etc.
  • Make a conscious effort to try and use the polish language during lesson time.

Pupils are not allowed to:

  • Leave the school building before the end of lessons or during break times without adult supervision.
  • Enter rooms not designated for use of the school
  • Run and shout within the school building.
  • Remain in the classroom at break time if the teacher is not present.
  • Spoil or damage equipment or furniture, throw litter within the building or outside in the immediate vicinity of the building.
  • Play with a ball inside the building.
  • Congregate or play in the toilet areas.
  • Splash/play with water in the toilet area, damage or deliberately plug up toilet bowls and washbasins.
  • use mobile phones
  • use electronic devices during school lessons
  • take photos and record videos at the school premises

Consequences of not adhering to school rules (in escalating order)

  • Pupil will be spoken to by class teacher.
  • Pupil may be given ‘time out’ during break time.
  • Pupil will be spoken to by Head Teacher, may be warned of further action if continues to disobey rules.
  • Parents will be informed verbally and then in written form about the behaviour of their child.
  • Possible suspension from school.