Important information!

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Dear Parents,

The beginning of the school year is behind us and we are going to meet again this Saturday. Regard this, we would like to remind you that the use of mobile phones by students is strictly prohibited during the lessons and the breaks.

This ban appears in the Student’s Code. When you enrolled a child to school, you have committed yourself to comply with the School’s Rules and make your children familiar with its contents. This prohibition is dictated by security reasons. The Parent’s Committee and the teaching staff are not able to control what content is being watched, recorded and possible shared. There is a potential risk of leak of the child’s personal data.

From the next classes, any violation of this prohibition will result in the telephone being confiscated by an authorized person (the teacher / teaching assistant / parent on duty / a member of the Board) with the possibility of its receipt by the parent from the President only after classes. If you need to contact the child during the lesson, please call the school’s number. The child can contact the parent through a teacher or a member of the Board.

Thank you.