2017/2018 enrolment to Polish School in Sheffield

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Zapisy do szkoły na rok 2017/20182017/2018 enrolment to Polish School in Sheffield

Enrolment for the new school year 2017/2018 at the Polish School in Sheffield will be on:

  • 6th May 2017 at 13:30pm
  • 20th May 2017 at 10am

at Parkwood Academy, Longley Avenue West, Sheffield, S5 8UL.

Please make sure you come on time with the enrolment form already filled in. You can get our enrolment form from our Enrolment form page. The school fee for for the 1st term must be paid (£77.00) in full when you register the child. If the child will not get the place at school the fee will be refunded. We are still negotiating the hire fees with Parkwood Academy and therefor can not tell what will be the the fee for the 2nd term. We will let you know as soon as we know.

Important information

To enrol your child you need to come to one of our information meetings at the dates specified above. You will be able to hand over the enrolment form and pay for the 1st term after the meeting.

IMPORTANT: one of the parent must be present during the whole of the meeting. You can not send the form via another person.  We do not accept on-line or e-mail registrations. Please bear in mind that all pupils need to register – both existing ones and the new ones. Enrolment forms of people who are late for the meeting will be considered in the subsequent order – the date of the form submission does not matter, but the presence during the entire information meeting does.

Due to organisational reasons this school year, the number of pupils in the school will be limited to a maximum of 150 children. This means that not everyone will get a place at our school. Unfortunately we are not able to handle so many students this year. This does not mean that we will accept 150 pupils to school – we are facing serious staffing problems – there is a lack of teachers, assistants, and people who want to get involved in running and managing the school. If we do not find the right number of people to dedicate their time to help the school, we will have to reduce the number of students even further in order to support them.

That is why we appeal to all parents and those willing to dedicate their time to support the school. We urgently need people who would like to get involved. Please do not leave the decision for the last moment and count on someone else to come instead. We also intend to continue running classes for preparing GCSE and A-level students for the Polish language as a foreign language, but only if there are enough people interested.

Children will be pre-assigned to classes according to age (and skills for the pupils already attending the school). During the first two classes, the teachers will decide whether to move the children between classes.

Polish School in Sheffield

Polish School in Sheffield was founded at around 1950. We teach children of polish origin (3 year old and above) polish language, literature, geography, polish history, heritage, culture, tradition and religion. We do prepare student for polish GCSE and A-level exams.

We are a community school – fully managed by parents of the pupils and volunteers. All the money we have come from subscription fees and donations received from various companies, organisations and people of good will. All people working at the school are volunteers – nobody gets paid. We meet about 20 times a year, every other Saturday, between 9:30am and 1:15pm at Parkwood Academy, Longley Avenue West, Sheffield, S5 8UL. After school there are brownies, cubs and scouts meeting organised by Polish Scouting Association.