2016/2017 enrolment to Polish School in Sheffield

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Zapisy na rok szkolny 2016/20172016/2017 enrolment to Polish School in Sheffield

Enrolment for the new school year 2016/2017 at the Polish School in Sheffield will be on:

  • 14th May 2016 at 11am
  • 21st May 2016 at 11am
  • 11th June 2016 at 11am

at Parkwood Academy, Longley Avenue West, Sheffield, S5 8UL.

Please make sure you come on time with the enrolment form already filled in. You can get our enrolment form from our Enrolment form page. There is a £20.00 non-refundable administration fee that needs to paid on the day. This fee will be set off against the school fees. You can find more information about school fees on our School Fees page.

Important information

You need to come with the enrolment form personally at the times specified above – we do not accept on-line or e-mail registrations. Please bear in mind that all pupils need to register – both existing ones and the new ones. 

This school year we expect large number of applications. As of today, we are able to take only approx. 100 students (including 10 preschoolers) – the same as last school year. To enable more children to attend school we need more people to help: teachers, teacher assistants and parents assisting with school management. So please contact the school if you wish to get involved. Please do not leave the decision until the last minute and hope that someone else will come to help.

If we run out of space in the classrooms, the decision which applications will be accepted will be based on the  date of submission and on-time payment. Otherwise children will be put on a waiting list.

We plan to open classes preparing students for polish GCSE and A-level exams, but only if we receive enough applications.

Children will be assigned to classes based on the date of birth (and their abilities when it comes to existing pupils). During the first two sessions the teachers will decide whether a child will need to be assigned to a different class.

To avoid disappointment please make sure you submit the enrolment form as soon as possible – do not wait until the last day.

Polish School in Sheffield

Polish School in Sheffield was founded at around 1950. We teach children of polish origin (3 year old and above) polish language, literature, geography, polish history, heritage, culture, tradition and religion. We do prepare student for polish GCSE and A-level exams.

We are a community school – fully managed by parents of the pupils and volunteers. All the money we have come from subscription fees and donations received from various companies, organisations and people of good will. All people working at the school are volunteers – nobody gets paid. We meet about 20 times a year, every other Saturday, between 9:30am and 1:15pm at Parkwood Academy, Longley Avenue West, Sheffield, S5 8UL. After school there are brownies, cubs and scouts meeting organised by Polish Scouting Association.